IMG_1950Hi, I’m Indiana, the founder of The Indix.

So why the name ‘The Indix’? As well as being a play on my name (Indiana or Indi), it’s also a reference to a book index (something which always fascinated me as a child) – a place you can discover useful information and be inspired.

I started The Indix as an Instagram account several years ago so I could share snapshots of my favourite lifestyle, food and fashion finds. It was a creative outlet from my (then) job as a Studio Producer, with this website having grown from there.

My background is in magazine journalism and despite now working in a different industry, I’ve never lost my love of sharing inspirational lifestyle and style finds, travel tips, and words of encouragement.

When I’m not working at my day job, with freelance social media and writing clients, or on The Indix, you’ll find me at the beach, going for a walk, listening to podcasts, or planning my next trip with my husband.

You’ll never find me without: iPhone, Mac powder and an eye cream

On my travel wish list: Tasmania

Favourite current podcast series: Your Creative Start

Get in touch via the contact form below, or you can find me on Instagram at @indianaburnett and @theindix.