Five podcasts to listen to this year

Some people keep a list of the books or movies they read or watch during the course of a year. Last year I decided to write down every podcast episode I listened to and was surprised to find that I listened to more than 150 podcast episodes, with the topics ranging from American politics to beauty news, to self-help and spiritual.

What I love most about podcasts is that they aren’t time demanding in the same way a book is. You can easily get lost in a short 20-minute episode while driving to work, or doing housework, while I find I need to set aside a good hour to fully enjoy a book.

In celebration of the New Year, I’ve rounded up my favourite episodes to help inspire, educate and give you something to chuckle about before you hit start on the working year.

If you’re still trying to get your head around what Brexit really is, listen to The Daily‘s informative Waiting for Brexit episode. After that, listen to An ongoing look into the origins of Trump’s wealth – a fascinating investigative by the New York Times into Trump’s financial history, that contradicts his infamous tale of being a self made millionaire.

For a fly on the wall insight into other people’s eating habits and favourite food memories, listen to Desert Island Dishes – a foodie inspired take on the cult favourite, Desert Island Discs. A word for the wise, listen to an episode with snacks on hand, you will get hungry listening to guests lovingly describe their favourite dish that they enjoyed in a little village in France.

If you’ve ever wondered what order to put your skincare on in, whether to shave your toes, or how botox works, then listen to You BeautyEach episode is only about 20 minutes in length and answers beauty questions you’ve always wanted the answer to, as well as including a save vs splurge beauty segment at the end of each episode.

One of my favourite new women’s lifestyle podcast series last year was Offline with Alison RiceThe honest, raw and unfiltered conversations that Alison has with her guests – well known Australian women – cover everything from childhood, career, relationships, creativity, social media and motherhood – each time told from a unique perspective. My favourite episode is with Gritty Pretty founder Eleanor Pendleton.

For a guilt-free mix of high and popular culture, you can’t go past The High Low with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. The conversations are intelligent, witty and charmingly British, covering everything from the Brett Kavanaugh investigation to Prince George memes and must read links.

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