Prague City Conversation with Ariel Stern

Brand, Marketing and Communications expert, Ariel Stern moved from New York to Prague two years ago with a dream to see the world and experience different cultures.

In the third part of our City Conversations series, Ariel shares her favourite spots around Prague, talks inspiring female role models, and shares her guilty fashion secret.

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Moving overseas

How long have you lived in Prague for?
My two-year anniversary in Prague is coming up in September! My life is very normal in Prague – I work, cook, explore, travel and hang out with friends. Prague makes it easy to be social as you can very cheaply go have drinks out with friends and there are many, many bars to explore.

What inspired you to leave America and move to Prague?
I wanted to see the world and experience other cultures. I think it’s important that everyone lives overseas, as it helps people change their perspective for better or worse. I have a travel bug and am obsessed with trying to live like the locals and visit as many different cities as I can. 

Prague | The Indix

Life in Prague

What do you love most about life in Prague?
How walkable it is. Within one hour you’re able to walk from one part of town to the next. There is also awesome public transportation if you aren’t a big walker. My second favorite part is the colour in Prague. Every building is a different color and even in the winter it cheers you up.

What’s a typical Saturday in Prague look like for you?
After the gym I often meet friends for brunch. However, we don’t call it boozy brunch, as every meal is boozy in the Czech Republic! Then we usually walk to one of the parks – Prague is one of the greenest cities in the world. We often have picnics and enjoy being outside.

If you have a friend visiting you in Prague for a day, where would you take them? 

Whenever I have friends visiting I always take them on my six-hour walking tour:

  1. Start off in Vinohrady, Namesti Miru to see a more residential area
  2. Walk down Vaclavske Namesti to Old Town Square
  3. From Old Town Square we walk across the Charles Bridge
  4. From Charles Bridge we visit the John Lennon Wall
  5. Take a lunch break at the yummy SanCarlo Pizzeria
  6. Then go up the Petrin Tower
  7. End your day at the Letna beer garden to reward yourself.

What are your favourite spots for drinks and dinner in Prague?

  • Pastva – amazing vegan food that my meat eating friend introduced me to
  • Forrest – my favorite vegan place, I highly recommend the pancakes
  • bistRAW – raw food that is delicious, I highly recommend the ice cream 
  • CAFEFIN – brunch overload and they serve meat  
  • SanCarlo – for when you need a Czech food break, go get some yummy Italian 
  • Letna Beer Garden – outdoor beer garden with great views
  • Riegovy Sady Beer Garden – outdoor beer garden, then sit on the hill looking at the castle
  • Vzorkovna – it’s an underground bar, but you must like dogs to enter, you’ll see why
  • Naplavka – during the summer this area has a bunch of boat bars
  • Tretters – yummy cocktails
  • Bukowskis – dive bar
Ariel Stern EY Office | The Indix


Tell me a bit about your work as a Brand, Marketing and Comms Expert at EY?
My job is extremely interesting as I work for 31 countries. I specialise in creating internal communications for leadership within EY, which gets sent to people all over Europe and Asia! It’s very cool to work with people from different countries.

What do you love most about your work?
The people – every day I am talking to someone in a different country. It really helps shape my perspective. I was attracted to the industry as I liked a challenge – how can I communicate something to over 14,000 people from very diverse backgrounds?

What women do you look up to and aspire to be like?
Fearless, honest and loving women. I look up to women who are unapologetic about who they are and honest. For example I appreciated when Rihanna discussed her struggles with weight gain, how Amber Rose organises the Slut Walks, and how Emma Watson is an advocate for advancing women – three very different women, all confident in who they are. 

If you had one piece of advice for your younger self, what would it be?
Throw away all your plans. It’s always good to have an idea of your future, but don’t over think it. If someone had told the 18 year-old me that I’d be living in Prague I would have said, “YOU ARE CRAZY!”. You can never anticipate where your future will take you, so just be happy and live in the moment.

Ariel Stern in front of John Lennon wall | The Indix

Style and inspiration

How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable chic. I only wear sneakers, as I walk everywhere and I like taking risks with fashion. I think your fashion should represent you, without killing your budget.

What’s the one item in your wardrobe you treasure the most?
Everyone makes fun of me for it – but I love my onesies. After a long day at work, there’s nothing like slipping into it and eating dinner while catching up on The Daily Show

What’s the last film that inspired you?
The Incredibles 2. I loved how the main superhero is a woman and how the father stayed at home to watch the kids. It’s about time Hollywood showcases how “gender” doesn’t define daily roles. It inspired me seeing how this children’s movie is showing children that a mother doesn’t need to be the one to miss out on her career – that she can do it all.

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