Happiness: How to find it and making it last

A tough week at work, the cold chill of a rainy winter morning, or an argument with a loved one can all play a big part in effecting our mood and happiness. Despite this, I really believe there’s always a reason to be happy – after all, happiness is a choice.

I discovered this for myself a few years ago when I was going through a bad break-up and missed out on a job I really wanted. Despite all the stress and emotions, having something to look forward to, laugh at, and focus on made such a difference to my happiness levels. It can be as simple as spending time with loved ones, five precious extra minutes of sleep or watching a funny video.
Read on to discover what three of my favourite women consider to be the secret to happiness.

What does happiness mean to you?

“To me happiness is an emotion. It’s a wonderful feeling but doesn’t necessarily equate to a happy or fulfilling life.” Monique,  Product Owner

“Being joyful, happy and present in the current moment, enjoying the little things in your day (wildflowers you pass, a smile from a stranger, a kind text), without too much ongoing anxiety.” Laura, Mum and Art Curator

“Happiness is what I strive for everyday. It can be from simplest pleasures like enjoying a coffee, taking in a beautiful view or listening to my favourite song. It’s feelings of joy, love, gratitude and fulfilment. It’s also the strong, meaningful and influential relationships I have in my life.” Michelle, Digital Marketer and Travel Blogger of One Way Tik

What’s your happiest memory?

“Adventuring around Europe in summer with my hubby.” Monique

“One of them would be when I taught English at a school in China several years ago. On my last day I received a gift and a hand-written letter from one of my 11 year-old students. Knowing I had made such an impact on him was enough to make me tear up! It felt amazing.” Michelle

“I have so many happy childhood memories camping on a beach, my wedding day, and crying tears of happiness as I held each of my three kids for the first time.” Laura

What’s the secret to happiness?

“I believe happiness (a happy life) actually comes from learning to be content and thankful regardless of the situation and emotions you might be experiencing. Also, having a hope and purpose bigger than yourself.” Monique

“Not having too many expectations. Being grateful with what you currently have; accept and love who you are. Having a positive outlook and always making time to have fun. Also, surrounding yourself with people you feel good being around, being present and living in the moment.” Michelle

“Being joyful, not holding a grudge, serving others, not thinking about yourself too much, being grateful. As a Christian my relationship with Jesus helps me with all this and gives me hope that my happiness isn’t just up to me.” Laura

Who is the happiest person you know?

“My husband’s grandma. She’s 80 but doesn’t let that stop her. She still travels, is part of a tramping club, does prison ministries, has a bible reading segment on the local radio station and never misses “dinner with the girls”. She hasn’t had the easiest life and lives a very modest life in Gore, but never complains and wholeheartedly loves everyone.” Monique

“My friend, Joe Baker. He’s an all round happy and positive person who always sees the glass half full. His laughter and bubbly personality is contagious.” Michelle

“My Dad. He’s also one of the most authentic and grateful people I know.”  Laura

Where is your happy place?

“Definitely the ocean. I love surfing, going for beach walks, the warmth and the salty air. There’s something so calming about being near the sea. I love it!” Michelle

“Anywhere with my husband (who is also my best friend!) – especially when we’re in a warm and sunny place with beautiful surroundings.” Monique

“Camping on a tiny Northland beach that my family has been going to each summer since I was small, or at Little Huia in the Waitakeres.” Laura.

Indiana Burnett

Indiana Burnett is a writer and freelance content creator, who founded The Indix as a daily destination for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel inspiration, tips, stories and words of encouragement.

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