Mexico City conversation with Claudia Gómez

In the second part of our City Conversationseries, designer Claudia Gómez discusses starting her own artisan design company, shares the best dinner and drinks spots in Mexico City, and reveals the one item in her wardrobe that she’ll hold on to forever.

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Life in Mexico City

How long have you lived in Mexico City? 

Since I was one year old. I was actually born in Barcelona, Spain and after a year my parents decided to come back to Mexico City and I’ve been living here for pretty much my whole life. I did spend a year living abroad in Auckland, New Zealand and then six months in Chicago for a student exchange during university.

What do you love most about life in Mexico City?

I love the culture, the people and the way the city can offer everything. It’s a very big city, so whatever you want to do, there is some place where you will find what you’re looking for. I love that it has all sorts of areas to enjoy, such as big buildings, parks, museums, shopping malls, historical sites, and also its location allows you to find nature only an hour away.

If you could use three words to describe the locals…

Chaotic, fun and charming.

Bellas Artes taken by Claudia Gomez | The Indix
Bellas Artes taken by Claudia Gomez
Where in Mexico City do you like taking visiting friends? 
The city is so big and there are so many activities to do, but these are my personal favourite museums and activities to take visiting friends to:
Claudia Gómez in a marbel quarry | The Indix
Claudia in Carrara in the Marble Quarrys.

Starting her own business

You recently left your role at Bauhaus Mexico to focus on your business Trot full time. What inspired you to go out on your own? 

Bauhaus Mexico is a high-end furniture store, and I started working there four years ago. I was in charge of all interior design projects and personal sales at the store. I decided to leave because I wanted to do more creative things, and since I had already founded Trot  two years before, I decided to take a leap of faith and dedicate myself fully to it.

What does Trot offer? 

Trot focuses on marble furniture and home accessories. It’s a combination of contemporary design, with artisan work. All pieces are unique, since they are handmade by Mexican artisans. Now I want to expand it, make a new collection, open to new markets and with a new vision and renewed inspiration.

Claudia Gómez | The Indix

Foodie recommendations 

What are your favourite places to have dinner and drinks with friends? 
  • My favourite is Gin Gin – mostly for their Gin’s, which is their specialty, and my favourite drink at the moment.
  • Kura – my favourite Japanese restaurant and I order the Salmondon bowl.
  • Bar Xaman – is a very eccentric place, which is hidden underground in an area called Zona Rosa in the city. They have exceptional drinks, definitely a must.
  • Limantour – I love the drinks they make, its quite small and cozy, and the music is great!
  • Hookah Santa Fe – it’s located on the top floor of a building in the financial district, so the view of the city is amazing. They have hookahs and my favourite drink is called Santa Fe (the area where its at) which is the best maracujá smoothie/drink.
  • Scotch – I love the interior design, it’s also hidden in the heart of Polanco. It has two entrances, one behind a restaurant, and the other through a dark alley. The interior is all white, elegant and they serve great cocktails.
What’s your favourite Mexican dish to cook at home? 

I’m a soup girl, so I would say Consomé de pollo, which is literally chicken broth. I also enjoy quesadillas so much. They’re simple to make and I like them with avocado, sour cream and green salsa.

Claudia Gómez in Jumex museum | The Indix
Claudia Gómez in Jumex museum.

Personal style 

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style is simple, but elegant. I’m definitely a sweater girl, and lately I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses. I love being comfortable and I like versatile clothing that can be dressed up or down.

What is the one item in your wardrobe that you’ll hold on to forever? 

I think it’s the trench coat that my friend Sofia gave me that was once hers. I love the shape, texture and the fabric – I can’t get enough of it. It goes with everything, it’s not too thick or thin, so it can be worn in every season. I love how versatile it is, I’ve worn it for years and it reminds me of some of the best experiences I’ve had.

Claudia Gómez | The Indix
Claudia Gómez (right) wearing her treasured trench coat.


What was the last book and podcast that really inspired you? 

I recently read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a great book for inspiration and I believe everyone should read it. My brother Alfonso recommended it to me, and it really helped me make the decision to dedicate myself to Trot.

I’m loving the podcast InvisibiliaI specifically found the episode called, ‘The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes’ quite interesting since we do put quite a lot of emphasis into material things such as clothing.

The other podcast I’m loving is TED Radio Hour. I loved ‘The Power of Design’ episode since it talks about how design is everywhere, and how we usually think about it even if we are not designers per se. Definitely a must listen!

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