New York conversations with Briar Rose Turner

Since moving to a snowy New York six months ago, Briar has landed a job designing jewellery for Vera Wang, discovered some of the city’s best cafes and rooftop bars, and accumulated quite the collection of statement shoes.

I’ve always admired my little sister’s zeal for life and adventurous spirit, so knew she was the perfect person to give an insiders guide to her favourite places to eat and shop in New York City.

When did you move to New York and why? 

I moved to NYC at the beginning of December 2017. The timing was right; I had a visa opportunity, I was ready for the next career step, and two of my best friends were moving as well.

What do you do in New York?

I’m the Jewellery Design Assistant for Simply Vera by Vera Wang.

What’s your favourite weekend brunch spots?

Brunch is my favourite meal and it’s such a big deal here – which I love. Some of my favourite brunch spots would have to be:

If you could use three words to describe New Yorkers…

Passionate – most people move to this city to follow a passion or dream of some sort. Pushy – just walk down the street and you’ll see what I mean, or jump onto the subway at peak hour. Peter Pan’s – age doesn’t seem to exist here a lot of the time and it’s something I love about the city.

Where do you go for a cocktail with your girlfriends?

Oh this is hard to narrow down to just a few! I love finding new spots for a drink, so this is a bit of a lengthy list:

  • Ms Yoo – its nearby my apartment and they do a great soju lychee cocktail.
  • The Jane Hotel – both of the bars downstairs in the Jane are beautiful spaces. My favourite one is on the left as you walk in; it has black and white tiled floors, massive artworks on the walls and lots of lush plants. The bar on the right – the Jane ballroom, has more of a vintage library feel with lots of old books and taxidermy on the walls. There’s also a rooftop bar which is beautiful as well.
  • Lucien – a tiny little French spot in the East Village.
  • Please Don’t Tell – a cute little speakeasy where you go through a phone booth from a hotdog stall into the bar.
  • Flower Shop – 70’s interior.
  • Legacy Records – a new spot in Hudson Yards.
  • Mr Purple – for a stunning view and an ‘Ain’t got thyme for that’ thyme infused cocktail.
  • Verlaine – another neighbourhood spot me and my girls go to a lot.
  • The Ten Bells – I love this place for its amazing flower arrangements and extensive wine list.

How has your personal style changed since moving to New York?  

I think I’ve become more open to unusual, one-off, playful items – especially accessories. I’ve got super into fun handbags and shoes since I got here.

What are some of your favourite memories of your time in New York so far? 

So, so many! Eating dinner out on the fire escape. Exploring my neighbourhood and all my fave bars, restaurants and cafes. Going out for a dance any night of the week. Living with two of my best friends in a beautiful little apartment on the Lower East Side. Working in a super fun design role and learning a lot in this role. Walking over the Williamsburg Bridge with my friend as the sun was setting. Discovering amazing vintage stores. Being inspired by the street style here on an everyday basis. Eating lobster with wonderful friends. Rooftops. Going to my favourite galleries here – the Guggenheim and The Frick Collection. Seeing a Rothko for the first time. Fresh snow. Walking to or from work and exploring the city this way on an everyday basis.

Why do you love living in New York?

The people that live here are passionate about life. Whether it’s in finance, fashion, theatre, art … it’s beautiful to be surrounded by driven individuals who are all trying to make it in life. I also love how you see the most unbelievable things in NYC. Nothing is too weird or over the top here. You never know what will happen to you in NYC or where the day will take you. It’s a city full to the brim with opportunity and adventure.

Who is your ultimate New York style icon? 

She’s fictional and an obvious choice – Miss Carrie Bradshaw circa 1998. The ultimate NYC gal: never afraid of anything when it comes to style and the poster girl for pulling off absolutely any item.

All photos are Briar Turner’s own.

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