Five apps to help boost your happiness and health


New year, same you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chronic goal-setter (hello, that’s me!), or take a more laid back approach to the upcoming year. Whatever the case, there’s always room for increased happiness and productivity, improved mental health and fitness, and even greater wine knowledge. Here are five of my go-to apps which promise to do just that.


If you’re a to-do list lover, but always misplacing the paper lists you write, then you’ll love Wunderlist. The app seamlessly syncs between your phone, tablet or computer’s version, and allows you to assign a due date and reminder to each task. You can easily share your lists and collaborate on them with family and friends – great for the weekly grocery shopping list or travel planning.

How I found it: Being able to ‘tick off’ each task on this app is incredibly satisfying. I also like how I can easily at a click look back at past tasks and set reminders for when a new task is due.

Available on iPhone and Android

Rating: 4.5/ 5


Take a few moments away from the stress of daily life and find greater clarity, peace and reduced anxiety with the Calm app. Choose from guided or unguided meditations, and the soothing sounds of nature that you can play to help you drift off to sleep.

How I found it: I like this app as it’s easy to use, and there are a variety of different guided meditation lengths to choose from (a three minute one is great if you’re time poor). The nature sounds are also a nice background noise to play when you’re working on a big project and need to focus.

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Rating: 3.5/5


This brain training app is a great tool to help improve your focus, memory, maths skills, and speed of processing information. Firstly you start with a test, with the results being used to tailor your own personalised learning plan, which adjusts as your skills improve.

How I found it: I notice that the weeks I consistently use Elevate, I’m more productive and my mind feels sharper. My maths skills have also improved, handy when you’re trying to mentally tally up the food shop before you hit the checkout.

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Rating: 4/ 5

Nike Training Club

A free personal trainer on your phone, NTC contains more than 160 different workouts (with new workouts added regularly) that range from strength training, to endurance, stretching and even yoga. From beginner to advanced, all fitness levels are catered for, with users also able to choose from one-off workouts or extended training plans.

How I found it: An old favourite, the Nike Training app has certainly evolved and improved (more workout choices) in the past few years. I love how you can filter workouts by what muscle groups you want to target, workout length, and whether you do or don’t have gym equipment to use. A great fitness app to stay fit while you’re traveling.

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Rating: 4.5/ 5


If you’re anything like me, I’m sure at least a few times in your life you’ve found yourself starring at the aisle of Rosé with no idea what bottle to choose. Do you narrow it down by price point, the label design, or location? But what if it tastes terrible? Find out how the wine experts rate it by taking a photo of the wine bottle’s label using the Vivino app. The app then recognises the bottle and its vintage and provides; a star rating, the average price the bottle retails for, serving tips, as well as reviews from fellow wine lovers.

How I found it: Finding the perfect bottle of wine to take to a dinner party has got a whole lot easier (and quicker) since I discovered this app. There’s something quite satisfying about scanning a shelf of wine to find which one has the closest to a five star rating. 

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Rating: 4/ 5

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