Brunch at Mondays Wholefoods

On a blue skied Saturday morning in summer you can expect most Auckland cafes to be crawling with people. Wedged in at tables, bumping shoulders every time you move to pass the salt for your companion’s smashed avocado on toast – it can often take the enjoyment out of a weekend coffee or brunch. But Mondays Wholefoods in Kingsland is a peaceful contrast. Tucked away down a driveway, it’s a peaceful, natural oasis with plenty of room to hold a conversation or enjoy peace and quiet with a book.

For brunch I settled on the intriguingly named Unicorn Breakfast Bowl, which features a coconut yoghurt base, with a scattering of paleo granola, chia seeds and seasonal fruit on top.

Their coffee, using Coffee Supreme beans, was delicious. However, special mention has to be given to the Gold Latte. It’s an immune boosting turmeric and spiced hot drink, which is made with Mondays housemade nut milk (a soy option is also available). Soothing, non-demanding and like a comforting hug in a cup, come winter this will be my drink of choice.

Mondays Wholefoods is open for breakfast and lunch, with shared plates, botanical cocktails, biodynamic wines and craft beer also available on select evenings. 

Indiana Burnett

Indiana Burnett is a writer and freelance content creator, who founded The Indix as a daily destination for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel inspiration, tips, stories and words of encouragement.

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