How to create the ultimate tablescape

A few months ago I started a new Sunday tradition – a relaxed afternoon get together with friends which centres around two of my favourite things, wine and cheese. It started out fairly low-key, with guests bringing either a bottle of their favourite alcoholic drop or wedge of cheese. However, for our final gathering of 2016 I wanted to make the occasion a little more special and create an edible tablescape to enjoy outside in the sunshine. Find out how I did it…

I started by placing five of my favourite cheeses down the centre of the table – an aged cheddar, gouda, brie, creamy blue and a camembert. Next I threaded a variety of crackers down the length of table – a mix of textures is always enjoyable, so the tablescape included rice crackers, brown rice crackers, a hearty mixed grain variety as well as a rosemary and olive oil flatbread. Since it was a hot summer’s day, I also included a variety of fruit such as strawberries, grapes, pears and oranges for guests to enjoy. Almonds and cashew nuts were scattered at intervals down the table, with the final touch being some festive Christmas mince tarts.

Super simple to create and the guests loved it. In fact, it even won a runner-up prize in a recent Citta and Homestyle NZ competition on Instagram! While you’re there, check out The Indix on Instagram and Facebook.




Indiana Burnett

Indiana Burnett is a writer and freelance content creator, who founded The Indix as a daily destination for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel inspiration, tips, stories and words of encouragement.

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