Five podcasts to listen to this year

Some people keep a list of the books or movies they read or watch during the course of a year. Last year I decided to write down every podcast episode I listened to and was surprised to find that I listened to more than 150 podcast episodes, with the topics ranging from American politics to beauty news, to self-help and spiritual.

What I love most about podcasts is that they aren’t time demanding in the same way a book is. You can easily get lost in a short 20-minute episode while driving to work, or doing housework, while I find I need to set aside a good hour to fully enjoy a book.

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Prague City Conversation with Ariel Stern

Brand, Marketing and Communications expert, Ariel Stern moved from New York to Prague two years ago with a dream to see the world and experience different cultures.

In the third part of our City Conversations series, Ariel shares her favourite spots around Prague, talks inspiring female role models, and shares her guilty fashion secret.

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Moving overseas

How long have you lived in Prague for?
My two-year anniversary in Prague is coming up in September! My life is very normal in Prague – I work, cook, explore, travel and hang out with friends. Prague makes it easy to be social as you can very cheaply go have drinks out with friends and there are many, many bars to explore.

What inspired you to leave America and move to Prague?
I wanted to see the world and experience other cultures. I think it’s important that everyone lives overseas, as it helps people change their perspective for better or worse. I have a travel bug and am obsessed with trying to live like the locals and visit as many different cities as I can. 

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Mexico City conversation with Claudia Gómez

In the second part of our City Conversation series, designer Claudia Gómez discusses starting her own artisan design company, shares the best dinner and drinks spots in Mexico City, and reveals the one item in her wardrobe that she’ll hold on to forever.

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